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Do I own a Piper narrowboat?

I recently became the proud owner of a narrow boat, sold as 'probably a Piper boat' and I wondered if you could tell me if it is.

Her index number is 73345. She is called Thunderchild, previously called Lantern and Liberty George. She was built in 1974 and is 37ft long. She has the original 10 hp Sabb engine

Are there any distinguishing marks I should look out for?

If she is a piper boat, has anyone any idea the capacity of her fuel tank?

Many thanks

Re: Do I own a Piper narrowboat?


Good to hear from you.

We should be able to sort out whether or not you have a David Piper boat. Can you send some details and photo's if possible. The current layout may be very different but a general layout might help. If you send these through to me at dotspiper@gmail.com I'll get back to you.

Dot Piper

Re: Do I own a Piper narrowboat?


Thanks for the photo's and layout. Yes most certainly a David Piper and looking good. We'll investigate a bit further and should be able to identify the actual boat.

Tank capacities are diesel 55g and water tank 150g.

I'll get back to you.