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chugger - ex friendshp


Re: chugger - ex friendshp

Sorry - not copied, I'll try again. Generally though, we built a boat 44 years ago as a thank you to the late Brian Curry for his help in getting us established at Red Bull. It was't a conventional Piper and was mainly constructed from off-cuts from Barbara and the late Roy Dawsons boat, a 31 foot traditional boat. Brian fitted her out and had many happy trips before he went to to a conventional Piper trad.

Chugger was originally Friendship, then later was bought by the Clegg family, refitted and renamed Bittern and eventually Chugger. The boat has undergone many changes and now looks very different.

The current owner refitted again and has sent some photographs which I wanted to show. Photo bucket seems to be playing up.

Re: chugger - ex friendshp

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Re: chugger - ex friendshp

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