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Heating system

Hi All

My wife and I have viewed a piper boat today built in 2011.The heating system ran off a desiel pump that heated a series of pipes encased in a white casing running the length of the boat and sitting just above the floor.As I have never seen or experienced this type of heating i was inquiring if any body uses this type of heating and how efficient it is regarding heating the boat efficiently to a comfortable temperature

Any advice would appreciated



Re: Heating system

Hi Darren

In Colours of the wind, a Piper built narrow boat used in Holland as a live aboard, we do have a similar system.
In our case it is also a casing near the floor. Inside the casing are two pipes with fins. Those fins do enlarge the surface of the pipes so they are more efficient in transferring heat to the air.
In our situation this system is doing it's job very well. We don't have any complains, and in winter it is still warm enough.
We also do have a diesel fired Reflex stove in our saloon area.

Hope this is of help.

Nb; Colours of the wind