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Finding water pump to Winterize

I've just purchased a 38' Piper boat, 2007 and cannot find the water pump. I've searched through cupboards and can only find a shower next to the shower. Could anyone help please as I need to Winterize very soon. Thank you. Wenna

Re: Finding water pump to Winterize

Mine, albeit on a much older boat, is behind a false back of the cabinet below the bathroom sink..Worth a try.

Re: Finding water pump to Winterize

Still looking for water pump . Thank you for reply, not at boat at moment but looked in bathroom cupboard and couldn't find any access.

Re: Finding water pump to Winterize

Sounds daft I know but have you measured the depth of the inside of the cabinet and compared it to the depth of the outside, if there is no difference then clearly the pump aint there. If there is a difference then it might well be worth investigating further. On 'Fiddlers' the cupboard back is just a friction fit.