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Ignition key and engine stop

we have been used to Volvo engines, key start and stop.
we have just bought Nauti Buoy from Reg and are very pleased with her except I mistakenly turned the key off before pressing the stop button. we now have no ignition lights and cannot start the engine or the generator!
has anyone made the same mistake and if so what was the solution? I have charged the batteries and checked every fuse I can find but still no joy.

Re: Ignition key and engine stop

The problem proved to be the 250A engine start (CUBE) fuse.
This does not look like a fuse, its located on the battery terminal.
I had to drive to Oxford (a company called 12v Planet) to get one and it cost £4.99.
My switching the ignition key off whilst the engine was running is the only reason I can guess why this fuse blew. I only hope this the case.

Re: Ignition key and engine stop

Thank Goodness; Mine blew in a French lock earlier this year. No hint why the engine would not start or what to do about it. Simon Piper talked me through finding the fuse, which I bypassed to get me going.

I'm relieved to find I'm not the only victim of this problem; even more relieved to hear a possible cause (I do not remember turning key before hitting the stop button).