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Rigby's Basin

Does anyone know exactly where Rigby's Basin was? It features on the side of Fidlers Dream and I understand it is where Brian used to moor one of his boats but I can find no details of it. Thanks in advance

Re: Rigby's Basin


Brian used to say the old name for Red Bull Basin was Rigby's Basin. I suspect the person living in the house (which we re-built back in the 70's) was a Rigby.

We bought the house and bottom moorings from an Alfred Jepson.

I don't think there was an actual name for the basin on our BW lease of 1971 and we decided that Red Bull Basin was appropriate.


Re: Rigby's Basin

Thanks Dot. Sounds good to me :-)

Re: Rigby's Basin

According to some old maps that I have seen, Rigby's Basin was at the bottom lock of the Red Bull flight where a tramway came down from one of the collieries on the hill and passed under the Knotty line to Alsager. whether the map maker was correct is another matter!