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Want to gain some experience of cruising in France?

In the Bella Fortuna message, there is a very kind offer, copied below -see Bella Fortuna for contact details

Hello Dot Piper,

RE:-An enquiry.

You probably won't remember me but we had a discussion at Crick!!

I was browsing the net and came across your owners club forum!
I am still contemplating purchase of a Dutch Barge, ---but for this season I have
bought into a Share Syndicate In France to "feel my way along".,-- I hope you can
help with my search?? I am wondering if perhaps you have a customer waiting for
delivery of a boat who would consider joining me when I cruise on Bon Viveur 2.,
I go for 3 w'ks starting 18th April----(It won't matter if anyone interested can't
commit for the 3w'ks., they can choose any duration they wish).
And indeed anyone that is interested is welcome to come & "give it a go".

This is a totally free offer, the person(s) concerned will only have to fund their
food costs and travel costs to and from France!!

Best Regards,