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Simon Piper built us a boat in 2002. We are now looking to commission another boat but Simon appears not to build narrowboats any more only Dutch barges. Perhaps someone can confirm if this is the case and hopefully recommend a boatbuilder in the Simon mould - heavy steel boats that swim well, excellent contruction standards and sensible things like the Vetus stern seal. Perhaps you know of a boatbuilder that worked with Simon and now has set up their own shop?

Many thanks.


Have you been in contact with Piper Boats - I would check with them. Ask for Simon or Andrea


Hi Roy,

We generally don’t build narrowboats anymore as we concentrate on building Dutch style barges.
The only narrowboats we do build are for existing customers and we always welcome past customers back.

So if you are happy with your boat and want us to build another one for you, we would be happy to build it.

Please contact us at Andrea@piperboats.com

Kind Regards,