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Narrowboat News

There have been a couple of comments regarding the lack of narrowboat news in Pipeline.

As editor, my problem is that I can only publish news that people give me and the narrow boaters unfortunately give me very little. The Dutch Barge people tend to keep in touch via Facebook and it’s very easy to keep up to date with them.

My own interest is in narrowboats as we built so many of them over the years and I think it’s such a shame that I can’t get any material for publication. I have set up a group on Facebook (members only) solely for Piper Narrowboats news and history. I also hoped to get more material from this and its just getting going. Please get in touch by the website link or just dot@piperemail.com and I'll send you an invite.

If you feel you could contribute any news, I’d love to receive it.

It doesn't all happen in France - we have canals here too - lets be sharing them!

I hope everyone's enjoying this lovely weather, albeit a little late!