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Jabsco Deluxe Flush... doesnt flush

The toilet on our 49M ("Millie") toilet is blocked, the manual suggests a blocked non-return valve.

Will I have to remove the toilet bowl to get at the valve and associated pump etc?

Does anybody know another way of getting things moving?


Re: Jabsco Deluxe Flush... doesnt flush

Is anything happening at all. Is the motor running?

Re: Jabsco Deluxe Flush... doesnt flush

David and Dot,

Many thanks, I THINK it's sorted; somebody suggested gently massaging the non-return valve or joker valve t see if I could dislodge whatever was blocking it.

I prodded about gently with an old toothbrush and followed this with several panfulls of warm water the flush/empty improved and sems OK now.

Original symptoms? noisy motor on "empty", pan too full to "flush" and a swirling mass of liquid.


John and Gill