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57 foot trad Margor

Hi I bought the above boat part fitted from Barnton Boatbuilders in 2006.
It was finished off by Nick Bancroft of NB Marine. I must say he did a great job.
Over the last couple of years ive been getting a lot of vibration from the tiller.
Its not the prop or the shaft its the tiller. Ive asked a few people to sort it and they say that there is no adjustment.
So I phoned Piper Boats hoping for some advice,after leaving 3 messages and getting no reply I was about to give up. I thought give it 1 more try,the girl answered the phone and told me someone would call me back. I said ive been told that 3 times and not been called back. To wich she replied oh well we cant help you go see the people you bought it from and put the phone down.
This has really got my back up I was only wanting some advice I wasnt blaming anyone.

Re: 57 foot trad Margor

What possible adjustment could you possibly have on the tiller? Your problem has got to be connected with the shaft or propellor.

Re: 57 foot trad Margor

I dont know Dot the tiller is loose and there is what looks to be a flange where it comes up onto the deck. Is there not some kind of bearing that needs replacing.
Im a roofer and have asked a few mechanics and got nowhere thats why I contacted Piper Boats hoping someone could help.

Re: 57 foot trad Margor

Are you certain this is a Piper Boatbuilding boat??

This is the response from them - in a 10 minute response time, which is quite usual. If you have being trying to call out of hours or in a holiday period then the phones are not manned but this is clearly stated on their frequently issued newsletters to owners.

"It is not a problem. I can send an engineer out to him to look at the problem
It is £50 per hour plus travelling
If he wants me to go out it is £80 per hour plus travelling.

It is just a case of hitting the swan neck down into the female taper of the rudder blade. The boat has obviously been cilled

Or he can call in at any half competent yard and pay them to sort it

This is all assuming that it is a piper. I do not recognise Barton boatbuilders. Nick Bancroft used to be a “engineer” that operated with Orchard marine

I will talk to the office and tell them that this guy has complained about a poor service from the office here"
This was from Simon.