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Joining & a bit of tech. info.

Wilf & I are wanting to join the PBOC but do not have a printer on board and I have only just discovered that your application form is not interactive. I think I can probably get around that problem at a marina but I also never packed a cheque book as I can't remember the last time I used one - sad but true. Would it be possible for whoever is responsible for all things financial to e-mail me with your bank details so that we can pay by BACS? My address is maggieloynd@gmail.com.

Further we have a small issue I hope you will be able to help us with. When we bought N.b. Earlies we discovered that her engine had been irrepareably "cooked". She is now re-engined but we had to go up from a Beta32 (no longer made) to a Beta 38 which has left us with the following quandry.... Can anyone tell us from past records what size our skin tank is? Unfortunately all the boats' paperwork disappeared during the last handover.

Many thanks Maggie

P.s. Dot; now we know the story behind her name we will never change it

Re: Joining & a bit of tech. info.

Hi Maggie

Good to hear from you and really pleased you're using the forum - I was having a little grumble that no-one uses it just yesterday when I was finalising Pipeline.

I'll pass on the membership query to Dee and see if Simon can help me with the other query.

Hope you're enjoying your boat, I'll get back to you soon


Re: Joining & a bit of tech. info.

All sorted now - Dee and Tom had been away!

David agrees re the cooling tank capacity - should be fine . Hope you're enjoying this lovely weather.