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Worn Stern Gear

Hi Dot & fellow Piper owners,i wonder if you can supply me any info regarding the make up of the stern shaft/gear parts used on ALICE 472.
The stern gear is worn and my mechanic has removed the inner rubber end,revealed is the cutlass bearing, the inner bit on which is marked Volvo Penta and an obsolete part no.
which we think may cross refer to 828422(available from Sweden for 127euro)
its held in by what appears to be a nylon bush,possibly threaded to go into the tube
welded in the boat.To aid in the replacing of these items can you offer any help as to
whether the whole thing was a kit or is assembled from parts of different manufacture?
i eagerly await your reply/help.

Re: Worn Stern Gear

No problem.

The inboard end of the the tube is a 30mm Volvo Seal (easily available in the uk, Simon probably has them in stock, but they're a bit snowed in at the momemt, I'll let you know)
The plastic insert into the seal (the bit the Volvo Seal clamps to) is only an interference fit and probably not damaged. The outboard end is a Cutless bearing, again 30mm.

If a shaft is needed, we still have some st st shafts in stock.

Re: Worn Stern Gear

thanks for the prompt reply Dot,i will be passing the info.onto my guys straight away.
I have found a spare shaft on board,kindly left by the previous owner (Paul Glaze).
If you think you can supply any or all of the parts needed then i would be willing to buy them off you.The bearing you mention (outboard end,30mm) is that the same as i talked about (volvo penta 828422) or a different one?
once again thanks for your invaluable advice.
Regards, Peter.

Re: Worn Stern Gear

Yes it's the volvo seal. I'll see if Simon has one, and the cutless bearing but if not they're easily available. I'll get back to you.

Re: Worn Stern Gear

Hi Peter

They have the 30mm Volvo seal in stock. They can get you the 30mm x 1.3/4 cutless very quickly. If you phone Ian at Piper Boats (01782 510610)he'll be able to sort it out for you.


Re: Worn Stern Gear

Its all being sorted by the guys at this end as we speak,they have stripped it down
and have all the parts sourced.But thanks again for the back up it put my mind at rest!
All the best for 2015, happy sailing!