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Holding Tank.

Evening all, got a question about the pump out holding tank, is it part of the hull? as on the survey it was suggested to remove it and use a cassette type, which I have got, but after investigating I see there is a metal box under the cupboard raised floor in the wardrobe beside the centre hatch, which shares a wall with the wet room, so suspect this is part of the tank that extends into the bottom of the cupboard?
It is very rusty and could probably poke a hole in it with my finger, so a bit worried about the rest of the tank.
And advise would be great.

Re: Holding Tank.

Afternoon all, update, the local surveyor/engineer has removed a few of these and says it is the weak point of otherwise superb boats, so booked in next Monday for it to be cut out and plated up if needed.
So then all done and can sort out the wet room and enjoy the super boat...:)