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When we moved Kingfisher from Longport to Cheshire we brought some spiders with us. The Longport spiders enjoyed the move to the country so much that they've bred and bred and are now so healthy we think some of them are big enough to be trained to do a bit of lock wheeling! We don't dislike spiders but it's now getting a bit cramped with all the 'crew'! We tried hanging 'conkers' last Autumn, a 'tradional' deterrent we were told, they used them to make even bigger webs!
Has anybody any suggestions as to how to get at least some of them to leave!

Tim G

Re: Spiders!

Teach them to swim the quick and easy way - also known as 're-housing'. Presumably flies are not a problem?

Re: Spiders!

Thanks for your comments. We started giving them swimming lessons last year. They swam back!
We don't have flies as such but the remains are there!
However, we've now found that the marina ducks love them as a tasty snack ,so the situation has improved!