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Waeco Fridges

Have any of our members any experience of Waeco fridges please. We are replacing our Shoreline fridge and think the Waeco will meet our needs best. Any information and advice regarding suppliers would be most welcome.

Re: Waeco Fridges

Hi Tom......... Have had our Waeco since boat was built.Performs very well and we,re well pleased with it. Suppliers in our area are Aquafax.Just one point to note. The only time we had a problem was when the inside light blew. It was with great difficulty that we found a replacement, so worth checking with supplier as to spares availability.[although the light isn't exactly a major issue].
Hope things are well with you both.

Re: Waeco Fridges

Hi Sue, thanks for the reply, it looks like our replacement will be a Waeco. I'll check out the lamp situation and see if the supplier (Midland Chandlers) will throw in a spare. At the price I hope they will throw in two spares.

Dee and I are fine, hope you and Eric are well. We hope to get out on the water soon and enjoy some of the sunshine!