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Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

We need help please to get our TV system working!

We purchased a second-hand Piper narrow boat which has a Digital Yacht satellite TV receiver system that I cannot get to work. I think the problem may be that it is still set up to receive from the Eurobird 1 satellite - the boat had not been used since about mid-2012.

The roof mounted receiver unit is marked as an AMR-T05-M004 and the control unit as AMR-MDU-M004. I have no instruction manuals.

When I turn the control unit on it shows "Eurobird 1" and "Initialization" which then goes the sequence repeatedly "Checking" and "Acquisition". (Yes, I have tried in several locations to make sure that there is a clear line of sight to the satellite.)

I emailed Digital Yacht who replied very promptly advising that the system was originally sold by Marine Electronic Services Ltd when they owned part of Digital Yacht and the system was badged Digital TV. They also advised that the system is actually a RaySat product. Unfortunately, the present Digital Yacht has no information on the system.

I have tried searching the internet but to no avail. I have sent an email to Piper Boats but have received no reply (I probably sent the email to the wrong email address.)

Can anyone help please? (My wife is going crazy not being able to keep up with her favourite TV shows!! -:))

Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hi Terry...............I can't help, but if you get no joy elsewhere, you might try Martyn at Travelsat [07914 401036]. He may have come across that unit in his travels.

Good luck.........Eric

Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hello, thanks for the enquiry.

I had a word with Simon. He couldn't trace your enquiry so there may have been some confusion with the email address. However, they've not fitted a "Digital Yacht" made receiver, so we think it must have been a customer fit. It might well be worth getting on to the last owner to see if there's a handbook.

Was Little Jeanie the original name of the boat - it's good to keep up to date with name changes and to identify the boat.

We have one or two club members who seem to be quite good on the satellite receiver side of things and hopefully they'll respond to your query.

Hope you are able to sort things out. Sympathies to your wife!

Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

it needs to be set up for Astra 1 or 2 - have you looked for this?

Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the suggestion and I'll give Martyn a call if I can't solve the problem.



Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hello Dot,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Little Jeanie was the original name, or at least that is what is shown on the Owner's and Operator's Manual and the BW documentation. The manual also shows the boat number as GBPBB58204D909. Sorry, I should have pointed out that Little Jeanie is one of Simon's boats not one of David's boats. I'm afraid that that I cannot contact the original owner because the original owner died.



Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hello David,
Thanks for your suggestion. I had tried Astra 2 but with no luck but I'll wait until we're moored in better location and have another go.

Re: Tuning of Digital Yacht TV Control Unit

Hi Terry

We realized this was one of Simon's boats and he's been on again. They did in fact fit the unit for the customer, after purchase. Which gets us no further, as obviously all the handbooks would have been left on the boat at the time.
Please keep us in touch - hopefully with news that you've solved the problem.