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Shoreline Fridge

Has anyone recently made contact with Shoreline? We have received no reply to our e.mails sent to them.

Our problem relates to the fridge on our boat, while we were away the fridge seemed to be running for very long periods of time. The compressor would cyle on and off until it stopped and we found the LED light blinking 3 times. According to the owners guide this means that "System pressures unequal before thermostat re-connects". I was hoping that Shoreline could explain this for us. From the manual, the corrective action is to turn the fridge off for 10 minutes then back on, we tried this and it didn't work. The fault guide in the manual suggests that either the Electronic Unit or Themostat is faulty and to contact Shoreline. Any ideas would be greatfully received as Shoreline haven't responded.

Re: Shoreline Fridge

It might be worth trying the Danfoss site as I believe they produce the working parts for Shoreline and others

Re: Shoreline Fridge

Try to locate the thermostst sensor in or near the ice box and check that it is in the right place. We had this occur in one of the two fridges on the French boat. (I can't be more specific as it was found and fixed by one of the other owners).
The other possibility is to check the free air ventilation around the back of the fridge: this is very important and Chouette's came with a fan built in whereas we have fitted fans to the ones in France and all problems have evapourated, so to speak!

Re: Shoreline Fridge

Many thanks Eric and Patrick.

I will check the Danfoss website and also have a look for the thermostat. I do wonder if the thermostat is sticking, if I can find it I will check it. In the instruction manual there is mention of a cooling fan and connections on the rear control unit for one. The fridge is fitted under the work surface between the wall and the sink cupboard unit, so air circulation could be an issue.

Thanks for the help and advice I will have a look on the next visit to the boat.