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basic questions like...

Hi, I'm just beginning to research for Peace Corps, and am wondering:

a. about the possibility of remaining vegetarian--are there times & places in which it would be rude not to eat meat offered, or if y'all know of anyone who was vegetarian throughout their peace corps time

b. what percentage of the peace corps placements are fon speaking vs. other native languages, and how often your French was used... and how much french did the majority of the volunteers come IN with?

c. dumbest question yet: do you get all outstanding shots in training? seems weird, especially for the shots that take several doses before their magic power kicks in...

and d. what's the peace corps current status on malarial drugs? do you get any options, or is it mandatory larium? do you get a chance to TALK with anyone about the malaria meds? I've heard such bad larium stories...

THANKS, I appreciate all your help... I can send postcards when I get there is there's anything you miss...


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