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Re: Re: Standards

You use asphalt roads to cross into neighbouring countries as well? What a coincidence, so do we...say with Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, not really with Italy because there's the Adriatic sea in between, then with Greece we use both sea and asphalt. At least we border the West, which is more than can be said for you. However, true to fact, we do use mules for local transport when crossing Bjeshket e Nemuna from Dukagjin into Shkoder, just to keep the rustic spirit alive...also If you've ever tried getting a 4 wheel drive up there, I'm sure you'd see the reason why mules are more appropriate.
As far as standards go... we've done more in five years for your ethnic-kin in Kosova than you ever managed in centuries. We still treat them better in Kosove than you do in Krusevo, or anywhere else in Serbia for that matter.

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