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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Skenderbeg- Serbian Hero

Serbs are Illyrians who speak A SLAVIC DIALECT. We Albanians must feel sorry for these victims of Slavic invasions. The real Slavs are Slovenians while the real Avars (of Turkish origin) are Hrv-at people otherwise known as Croat people. Slovenians and Avars inavded Illyria and pressured Illyrians to change their language. However Serb-Illyrians still call their ancient Albania-city = Alba-grad as Beligrad 'the white city' from Albanian grad = city in Slavic. Also the second Serbian city is the Illyrian Naissus Serbian Nish. Almost every ancient Serbian city is still being called according to Albanian earlier toponyms. There is no doubt that Serbs are Illyrians. the wide presence of Albanian rooted words in Serbian vocabulary can't be ignored. Serbs sooner or later will wake up and learn how to speak their ancient Albanian language. Croats must return to Asian stepes and speak their Avarian language which they lost in the Balkans.

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