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Re: Re: Skenderbeg-Serb

You, slav, mirror a total sense of inferiority in regard of Albanians. Gjergj Kastrioti is a pure Arber and therefore the Hero of Albanians.

Why serbs in Kosova today protest against the Gjergj Kastrioti's bas-relief placed inner side on the walls of Kosova Parliament building?

Give me an answer.

p.s. do not forget that you slavs learned christianity from Illyrians. Try to learn it well. You are still barbarians; not yet civilized. The barbaric crimes against other people in Ballkan, including Albanians, remind us the behaviour of Primordials. I remind you Massacred corps of Albanians and Truck Refrigerators shuttled forth and back Kosova and Belgrade to hide the massive graves. You are still Primordials. No moral right can be waived to you until you declare all mass graves paved with asphalts around Serbia. You are criminals, nothing else. Therefore there is no future reserved for criminals. I see you are starting to 'revive' in those last 2-3 months. I remind you that your crimes are so ugly that you cannot recuperate without the help and generosity of the other people in Western Ballkan. We may forgive you one day, yet we'll never forget. Your moral right stands on the hands of civilian Albanians and other people that were massacred by serb army, police and paramilitaries. We scrutinize your reactions. Unless there is any civil response, no moral right will be waived to your people. Until now your fail to deserve it.

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