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Hate is like SARS virus

Illyrians - Dardanians in Kosova, Albanians in Shqiperia, Cameria, Monte Negro, Macedonia are the most tolerant people in Europe since they allow anyone to worship any god or follow any religion a human being can possibly know. You can be a Muslim, a Christian a Buddhist yet a very good Albanian. Through the history of mankind God and religion have always evolved and never stayed the same. Serb holocaust against the oldest people in Europe is the least Christian behavior one can expect from A Christian nation. Basically Serbs are Christians only with words not deeds since Christianity says 'Love your neighbor'. Serbs don't even love themselves by killing their own first democratically elected prime minister. If Serbs can kill their shepherd they can kill any other sheep. Serbs originating from the steppes of Asia not only are new comers in Europe but they are also very young Christians. When Illyrians were building their first churches and worshiping their first Christian martyrs, Serbs were living in mud huts in Southern Russia. Albanians feel deeply sad that such a great and tolerant religion as Christianity has been hijacked by half Mongolian and warlike race of Serbs. Why don't Albanians hate Greeks with whom they have lived in good and bad times in coexistence for the last 2 millennia? The reason is very simple. Greeks are more civilized than Serbs. Civilization is a quality of sublime generations and it can't be obtained in one quick apology. Hence until Serbs learn how to behave like Greeks they have to be quarantined like people with SARS, meaning - other neighbors will have mercy and pray for them but they will not come very close to their deadly virus.

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