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Albanians and Slavs are cousins

It might seem incredible but Albanians and Slavs are close cousins as they share the same Indo European heritage. Future generations will remember with sadness the futile conflict between two people who share the same blood and the same mother tongue - the Indo European inherited words. The real enemy of Slavs have been Turkic and Mongolian tribes from Asia mainly Avars who enslaved or recruited Slavs to attack Byzantium and grab land from their very own brothers - Illyrians. The real enemy of Slavs were Hungarians, Bulgarians and finally Turks. Actually Albania protected the Slavs during the 14-15 century as it became the iron gate where Turkish troops were stopped for more than a century from entering Europe. Many people forget but the emperor who made Christianity the absolute religion of the roman Empire was an Illyrian - Constantine the Great.

The real enemies of Slavs have even joined the European union and other enemies are soon going to become full members of the club. It is unforgivable that two ancient Indo European cousins are still fighting with one another while their ancient foes are enjoying the benefits of Aryan wealth at the heart of Europe. To be fully convinced that Albanians and Slavs share the same blood and the same ancient language please visit the Illyrian site at:
Eastern Michigan University
Wayne State University

Albanian etymological dictionary: This Dictionary carries the etymology of the Albanian language to its logical and natural conclusion, for if the documentary history of words is of interest and value, so is their reconstructed prehistory. The historical component is given in the etymologies, after the definitions in the main body of the Dictionary. This dictionary supplies the prehistoric component, tracing the ultimate Indo-European derivations of those Albanian words that are descended from a selected group of Indo-European roots.

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