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John L Dixon information

Hi! I am researching some Bexar people of my husband's grandmother's family. Her grandfather was Peter Dixon, who died in Bexar about 1894 and was married to Laura Ann McCall. This Peter had a younger brother, 9 years younger, named Charles E Dixon. Charles died in 1950 at Rural No. 7, Bexar, Texas. Charles was married to a Mary E (?) and they had several children all born in Bexar county:

George D, born in 1889, Katherine S (who may have married a Larsen, as a Katherine Larsen was the informant on Charles' death certificate) born in 1891, a Charles E Jr. born in 1893, a Clara B. born in 1896. The next child listed in the United States 1900 Census is a John L Dixon born about April of 1900. On the next available Census, that of 1910, John, who would have been 10 yrs. old is not listed anymore, but there is another 10-year-old listed as William E. There is also in the 1910 Census more children: Mary E (named after her mother, no doubt) born 1906 and a different John H Kirkpatrick born in 1908.

The mystery is about the newborn John L, listed on the 1900 Census. Did he die? Did they have another child within a year of his birth and name him William, or did they change John's name to William? If the first John lived, why would they name another son, born 8 years later, John?

It is curious: in the 1900 Census, it was recorded that Mary E had given birth to 7 children, but only 5 were living. There were those five listed on the Census, John L being the youngest, a newborn. In the 1910 Census, it is recorded that Mary E had given birth to 9 children and that 7 were living. This seems to suggest that she had not lost any other children. Six children were listed in the 1910 Census, excluding George who was the oldest and now 21 yrs. old was probably out of the house by then.

I just can't find enough evidence to support any theory I can come up with...

I cannot find a death certificate for this John L. Dixon. I need to know anything you can tell me of this family. When I did a google search, the name came up attached to your website, but I can't find where it mentions him. I would appreciate any information you have or could find for me!!!

Thanks so much.