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Mariano Romana, Jose Maria Romana, Lusgado Montoya


I am looking for information on Mariano Romana (born 1810-15 Brazos, TX)wife Francisca Montoya (born 1814-20 Brazos, TX); Mariano's father Jose Maria Romana (wife Marequita Mendez); & Lusgado Montoya(born ~1798)wife Benita Flores. Gertrudis Romana Williamson, my great great grandmother, was the daughter of Mariano & Francisca. Gertrudis was born on the banks of the Sabine or Brazos River Sept.1836 while her parents were on the way to New Orleans to be with Francisca's parents. Francisca died and Gertrudis and her sister Juanita were raised by grandparents Jose & Marequita Romana in San Antonio. I believe the Romana's owned 40 acres close to the Alamo.
Thank you.