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Ramon Family ( Trindad Ramon/ Tomasa Vasquez or Balque

Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you all well. I am researching 6x great grandparents Trinidad Ramon and Tomassa Vasquez about 1800 listed residence of the Mission Nuestra Señora del Refugio de la Bahia. In the Mission historical report, the death of their son Valentin, 6 days old on Feb 20, 1817 is listed with parents Trinidad Ramon (soldier at La Bahia) and Tomasa Vasquez. Around 1835 their daughters marry in St Landry Louisiana - Gertrude ( my great grandmother) and sisters Anastacia and Maria Josefa.

Long story short, I'm wondering if maybe Trinidad is related to Diego Ramon's decendents. I'm not event sure where to start looking. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Sheila Gonzales

Re: Ramon Family ( Trindad Ramon/ Tomasa Vasquez or Balque

Hi Shelia
Trinidad and Tomasa were my 5x great grandparents. I descend from Gertrude daughter Clara. I have a photo of Trinidad's headstone if you're interested in seeing it. Can you tell me who's Diego Ramon? I have not come across that during my research. I would like to assist you with confirming their kinship. Currently I am also looking for any information with the names of Trinidad's and Tomasa's parents. I believe finding those names can give more insight about their child and possible birth place.

Re: Ramon Family ( Trindad Ramon/ Tomasa Vasquez or Balque

Hello Akeem,

It is so nice to meet you via email. Thank you for the offer of the headstone photo. I also have it. I have been using that to reach out to the Bexar historical society, unfortunately, they haven't come up with any additional information. I believe your name showed up on Ancestry as a distant cousin - its good to know the familial connection.

I had someone share the info on Captain Diego Ramon but I have not found a connection yet. There is also a proposal that Captain Pedro de la Garza could possibly be Trinidad's father but I haven't had any luck there. Maybe because Trinidad was a Presidio soldier, the military connection would make sense.

I'd love to work with you on unraveling the Ramon Family lineage; let's work together to solve the mystery. Are you on Facebook?


Re: Ramon Family ( Trindad Ramon/ Tomasa Vasquez or Balque

Sorry for the late response. You can reach me at Akeem Guillory on Facebook.