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Padron and De Armas family

I am a descendant of Joseph Padron and the Lorenzo De Armas families. Maria Padron married Francisco Xavier Chavez of New Mexico and he is my 4th great grandfather. My great grandmother(Jauna Chavez-born March 14,1873) was listed on the Padron family tree as the daughter of Francisco Chavez (Francisco Xavier Chavez' grandson). She is the last generation on the list (your Generation 5 on the Padron descendant list). Her mother was Tomasa Cantu. These were all familiar names to my father but were not to me. My father lived a lot of his childhood with Jauna Chavez (his grandmother) down on S.Flores where she had a store and her son Frank ran a drinking establishment in the 30's and 40's. Her colonial house was behind the business and all has been torn down over the years. This was down in what was called Beanville, as Roy Bean had moved in with the family when he married Francisco's sister Maria Anastasia Virginia Chavez. Eventually, (1880), he divorced, because of his family dealings, and was kind of run out of town because of his business dealings. Anyhow, my great grandmother Juana had two children before her husband(Ambrosio Martinez of Monterrey, MX) died. They were Mary Frances(born 1892) and Frank Chavez Martinez(born 1895). Mary Frances married Frank Sancho of California and Frank Chavez Martinez married my grandmother Juanita Wood of Arkansas in 1935. I would like to add their names to extend the descendant list. I have emailed Steve Gibson in the past on other things but would like to know if he could assist me in adding their names and what info is required. Thank you .