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Searching for sons of Pedro Casanova (or Gregorio Pedro Casanova, 1889-1946)

I am looking for information about my great grandfather, Pedro Casanova (or Gregorio Pedro Casanova).
Info on Pedro Casanova:
Our entire family knew him only as Pedro Casanova but I found information on this website that shows his real name as Gregorio Pedro Casanova. He was born 29 June 1889 in Brownsville, Texas and died 5 Oct 1946 in San Antonio, Texas.
Pedro's death certificate says that he is the son of Timoteo Casanova and Juanita Garza. I have found plenty of information on Timoteo's family and I can trace the Casanova line back to the Canary Islands. I also have a bit of info on Timoteo's second wife, Guadalupe Cortez Martinez, and their children but I can't find anything on Juanita Garza (which makes me wonder if they were legally married)...
Pedro is listed as Guadalupe Cortez Martinez's stepson in the 1900 census from Camaron County, Texas. I'm not sure why but his father, Timeteo, is not included on that census...
I found something on this website that says Pedro married "Clara Ochoa" in 1910 and I found a Bexar County marriage license for "Gregoria" Casanova and Celarita Ochoa dated August 1910. (Marriage license witnesses were Rafael and Maria Tarin.) There are also San Antonio city directory listings from 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1916 that mention a spouse named "Clara". His 1917 WWI draft card says that he was a widow with 2 sons. No one in our family ever knew he had been married before, much less that he had other children...

Any info on Pedro Casanova, his mother (Juanita Garza), his first wife (Celarita "Clara" Ochoa), his 2 sons from Clara, or really anything on his life before 1925 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Oh, and here's the Bexar Genealogy website I mentioned:
(Scroll down to bold #137)