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Musquiz Family from Zaragoza

My father and all of his family have said that they came from some of the early settlers in San Antonio. Mentioning always the Canary Islanders. I haven't been able to find any connection with the families that settled San Antonio.

Part of my family is from San Fernando de Austria (Present day Zaragoza) and then later from Villa de Santa Rosas, the second name for Zaragoza. In my research I noticed that the mission and presidio San Juan Bautista was in the same if not in the vicinity of Zaragoza.

My family name in question is Musquiz , which has a great deal of military members during the time of the Province and Texas and Nuevo Santander.

I'm looking for a list of soldiers that may have assisted the Canary Islanders to San Antonio from Coahuila.

Is a list available for my review?

My grandmothers name was Encarnacion Musquiz, born in 1852. Her G. Grandfathers name was Antonio Musquiz from
Villa de Santa Rosa. Not sure when he was born but I would suspect around late 1700's or early 1800's.

Rudy Lopez