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Re: Guardiola

found Ygnacio Guardiola with wife Santas G and three children in Travis Co Tx in 1910
Son casvez 21 born 1899
son Theodore 1892
daughter Molesta/Motesta born 1896
Only trouble is that she is 14 and shows married in Milam Co to Pedro Lucio 1909 so not sure where this is going. These are the names you give
also Mexican Records show Leonardo Guardiola born to Ygnacio and wife Santas Gomez in Mexico. Then they have a daughter Romana born in Mexico too.
If she Modesta died around 1913 she may have died during a yellow fever epidemic .. families were given two hours to be with relative and then they were buried sometimes in Mass graves. If she was in a TB hospital here in San Antonio she may have been buried there and there are many with out death certificates. There was a very large pauper cemetery off New Braunfels st and those bodies were moved to allow St Gerands High School to be bulit. They were put in a cemetery at the end of Stinson Field and the runway was extended over them during WWII. There were no head stones. I will look at the Genealogy Library as we have a list of the San Fernando internments I'm told.
Rushelle Mason

Re: Guardiola

Hi Mason:

Thank you for your response. Whatever info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I've looked in Texas birth and death records and nothing comes up. As I mentioned, my father (Modesta and Pedro Lucio's) only son was born in Elgin, TX, Feb 20, 1913. My father is now deceased, but all I recall him saying that she died when he was approx. 3 years old. I also have his baptismal certificate and he was baptized in Austin, TX. So, where she died I have no idea. She' a complete mystery. Please keep up to date or steer me in the direction you think might be helpful in my research. Thanks again!

Re: Guardiola

Pedro Lucio and his son were in Bastrop in 1920. So she must be in the area. your father's baptismal should have the church on it and she may be buried in that church cemetery. The Catholic Church has records for that area in Austin but you have to make an appointment to see them. It might be listed as a death in Austin American Statesman It is not on line. But I would check with the church , they might have records of her Mass. Rushelle

Re: Guardiola

Yes, my father's baptismal record has the name of the church. Same church where he and my mother were married and where the children were baptized,etc. It shows he was baptized in May, 1913, so she was still alive in May. I have contacted the Catholic Archives of Texas and that is how I obtained his baptismal record and my parent's marriage certificate. Catholic Archives of Texas has searched other records and nothing comes up for Modesta Guardiola Lucio. I've also gone to the History Center here in Austin and searched newspaper obts from 1913-1918 and again nothing comes up. I don't know if CAT explored Bastrop but I can make some phone calls. I am aware they lived in Bastrop as I have copies of the census. If you have any info on the earlier info you mentioned, please let me know where I can go to look that up.