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Re: Old Spanish Records

Have you looked here?

If not, you MUST!!

Re: Old Spanish Records

Working on our Genealogy, we have discovered the possibilities of Land grants to our ancestors of my father on both sides.
Being new to this, we have no idea how to verify if in fact we are descendants of both of these lineages. My brother in San Antonio will be searching for birth and death records in the next few days. Are there other avenues we can look into?
Our Great Grandmother was named Antonia Tarin, and our family spoke often of the family being Islanders. I found Antonio and Vicente Tarin on your listing but I'm confused as to their being Tejanos and not originally Islanders. Can you guide us as where to look? We also came across another family that had been researching the Tarin family, but they strongly insisted there were two separate families. They did not offer any of their information.
The other lineage is Santiago Lopez of Elmendorf.
A few years back, we obtained some property deed copies fro Antonia Tarin de Sauceda to our Grandmother Olivia w. Lopez and Grandfather Santiago Lopez possibly a wedding gift.

Love your website, very informative!

Re: Old Spanish Records

Our family book has what you are looking for: DESCENDANTS OF THE ALFEREZ FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ SOLDIER OF THE PRESIDIO DE TEJAS DE BEXAR 1718. If you need anything let me know, you should have my e-mail