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missing Curbelo Family descendants

I am so happy to have found such a fine site to trace my mother's family. I spent about 3 weeks checking into so many things. We finally found my grandmother and her siblings with the CURBELO Family. My grandmother, 11th of 13 children, was ALICE TERESA CURBELO, married to James Erwin in the early 1900's. They had seven children, none of whom are listed as descendants. Therefore, none of my aunts & uncles and our families are listed in the genealogy charts. I believe we could produce some valuable information [names, birth dates, marriages, children, etc.].
My mother is the middle child of the seven children of Alice & Jim Erwin. She happens to be the only descendant of that generation who is still alive.
My mother Mary Erwin King will be one hundred [yes, 100 !] years old on January, 11, 2014. My brothers and I would dearly love to commemorate my mother's heritage with the CURBELO/CANARY ISLANDERS when we celebrate her at a gala party on December 29th, 2013.
Please forward to me the name of someone whom I can work with to fill in missing genealogy information. Hopefully, we can find a special way to acknowledge our heritage with the Canary Islanders' 2nd Family of San Antonio de Bexar, descendants of DON JUAN y MARIA CURBELO. There are five more generations [from Alice & Jim] in our immediate family alone to note.
Prior to Mom's birthday celebration in December, I would like to arrange some form of recognition of her relationship to this noble heritage of Texas history. I would also like to carry out the recognition to Mom's descendants - all the way out to the numerous folks in our family who have no idea of our connection to the history San Antonio, to Texas, the Canary Islands and to Spain.
Thank you so much. I am anxious to speak with someone ASAP.
Cissy King
505] 255-3721