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Main Plaza San Antono Texas historical web site (new - in progress)

Since I may never find this forum again (it happens often) and before my new web site is even half-way complete, I'll post the link here for the future use of those Canary Island Family descendants interested in some of the activities of their ancestors. The project began merely as a history of our Main Plaza Apartments building at the southeast corner (the original homestead of the Padron-Chavez Family of 30 by 30 varas or 83 x 83 feet square) and has grown in proportion to the fantastic history and imagery found since October 14, 2012. I may include a genealogical tree of the earliest families that will be created just for me to keep my own mind straight while writing up the various narratives.

(I am also the webmaster, historian and genealogist for our 2,000 year, plus, historical web site - my Ciriacks name has more than 3,000 spellings over the past 2,000 years.)