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I am the great grandaughter of Jans Olsen and Zulema Garcia Olsen. They both passed away within a year of each other in early 1900's during a typhoid epidemic in San Antonio.(water from the San Antonio River was added to the milk supply?) Passed down stories...
I have noticed the generations stop
at 12,(my mom Ragna Olsen) if I am counting correctly I would be the 13th. How would I go about contacting someone to update our information, for our children and grandchildren?
The victorian house is still on Perida Street, when my Uncle Harold passed, the German Society purchased the house. At one time my grandfather had the original pewter tea set from the Canary Islands which Juan Leal Goraz had..but it has since disappeared, and hasnt been seen since the 1930's. I remember my mother taking me to the Spanish Governers Palace, and seeing my grandfathers name on a flag....I believe
it read Juan Leal, and the Goraz was dropped?
Alot of interesting explore.
If any of my relatives are still in San Antonio, let me know!

Re: Olsen-Garcia

Hello, my great grandparents were Jens Olsen and Zulema Garcia Olsen, who had Klaus Olson, who had Jayne Olsen, what married Claude Harrison and they had me. I've been to these places you speak of and I believe I met Harold when I was very young. I live in Fort Worth.