1953 Beecher Tornado Stories

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1953 Beecher Tornado Stories
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Twister 1953

The night started out with rain and then the sky turned green, hail and then total calm and then my mother screamed, "Get under the table"! Remember the old metal tables, my mother was right at least the table may keep anything from crashing down on us. We all huddled under the table as we heard what seemed like a thousand trains going by,the house began to shake (we thought it was going to blow away)then there was calm again, then we heard the sirens, not knowing at that time that a strip of Coldwater Road as well as two streets to the south of Coldwater Road were devastated from the "twister". I remember that night as if it was yesterday, I guess you could say it made quite an impression on a seven year old little girl growing up on Terry Street. Does anyone remember Buick Grade School?