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Faith is 10 today!

It's hard to believe my little sweetie is turning 10 today. I still think of her as my little Taz. Her energy level remains incredibly high - she still runs through the woods almost every day and does zoomies around the backyard like a pup!

Happy Birthday Faith!

Mom & Gemma

Re: Faith is 10 today!

Wow I can hardly believe it Hope you guys have a wonderful day. We miss you XXOO

Re: Faith is 10 today!

We all send a great, big, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Faith.

Phyllis L.
Ralphie & Hannah, the Corgis

Re: Faith is 10 today!

Happy birthday Faith! I remember the day your mama posted that she got you. You was just a little furry thing.

Vicki & Butch

Re: Faith is 10 today!

A very Happy Birthday to you Faith!! I can't believe I missed your birthday. What a bad auntie. I'm sure you had a wonderful celebration!!!
Well, maybe not a burger and pizza, but knowing your mama, I'm sure it was special!!