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Happy Easter !!!

Just checking in with everyone. J and I are doing well. Helped rescue a darling girl, Olivia, that I came very close to keeping myself. But found a wonderful home for her with some friends, so we will get to see her often. That's the closest J's come to having a new sister :)

Re: Happy Easter !!!

Happy Easter to everyone too!

That's wonderful that you found a home for Olivia that is close to you. Are you entertaining thoughts of adopting a sister for Jordan?

Faith and Gemma are both doing well. There's always a story to tell. Just yesterday, Gemma found a hole in a fence along the Greenbelt we walk on every day and the only way to get her back was for me to climb the fence and hoist her back over it - just me and my friend managed to do that. Not an easy feat! It was tense as there were train tracks on the side she escaped to and we heard the whistle of the train in the distance.

We had to laugh though (after she was safe of course) as Gemma never gets into trouble. This time it was Faith (still my Taz) who was the innocent party!

Hope everyone and their pups are doing well.

Sandra, Faith & Gemma