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Butch's birthday

Butch is 12 years old today. He got some scrambled eggs for breakfast and we will go for a good walk today since it has warmed up. I'm on my way to get him a new dog bed. I am so very grateful he is still with us and doing pretty good.

Happy birthday my sweet boy


Re: Butch's birthday

Happy birthday, Butch! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today is my daughter's 22nd birthday.

Re: Butch's birthday

Happy Birthday Butch!

How wonderful that he is doing so well! I bet he enjoyed his scrambled eggs!

Sandra, Faith & Gemma

Re: Butch's birthday

Happy 12th Birthday Butch! Sounds like you are living the good life

Re: Butch's birthday

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BuTcH!!!!!

Great to hear that you had a special 12th Birthday and that you are doing pretty well!

Here's to more birthdays for you!!!

Re: Butch's birthday

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Butch...and many more!
Rosalind & Teddy

Re: Butch's birthday

Thanks everybody!


Re: Butch's birthday

We are glad that Butch had a happy birthday. I am wishing that he has more happy days and birthdays.

Ginger (who turned 14 1/2 on December 14, 2015) also would like you to know that she is enjoying the snow/sleet that frozen into a substance similar to white styrofoam in the backyard. It is nice and cold, and reflective, and easy for Ginger to walk, and gallop on and over.

PJ and family, golden and otherwise

Re: Butch's birthday

Happy Birthday sweet boy, sorry we are so late XXOO