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Re: Unusual weather

Hi PJ,

I check in once in a while, but haven't posted in ages. This time of year, I especially miss the Christmas card exchange that forum members did for so many years.

Faith, now 9, and Gemma, 8, are both doing extremely well. They go for an off leash run in the woods for several miles almost every day now and it is keeping them in great shape. Faith remains as high energy as ever - she hasn't slowed down one bit!

We are breaking records weather wise up here in Ottawa - not a single flake of snow and very warm temperatures. Looks like we might be having a green Christmas.

Sandra, Faith & Gemma

Re: Unusual weather

Sandra, we can add you and get you the list if you like. The list hasn't been sent out yet.

Re: Unusual weather

Thanks Carol, but since I have lost touch with everyone other than those on this forum (I'm not on facebook), I'll probably bow out, but I do appreciate the offer!


Re: Unusual weather

I check in about once a week. We've had a little bit of snow. Have had to clear the sidewalks only once so far. With the near 70 degree weather today, it is mostly gone. I even watered the trees today it has been so dry. Strange after not having to water much this summer. Right now the wind is picking up, bringing in a cold front...guess it is December

I didn't do my usual Christmas card with my pets. The card exchange wasn't mentioned until this week on FB so I may have to have pictures printed to include in a card.